Development of all projects necessary for connection to the transmission and distribution electrical networks by NG Technology

Development of a complete set of projects necessary for the issuance of a construction permit for transmission and distribution electrical networks:

  • Detailed development plans
  • Work projects, part Electro
  • Work projects, part Constructions
  • Work projects, part Architecture
  • Work projects, part Geodesy
  • Work projects, part Fire safety
  • Work projects, part Safety and health plan
  • Work projects, part Waste management
  • Work projects, part Temporary traffic organization

Providing services for coordinating projects / detailed development plans with all necessary authorities, changing the purpose of properties, establishing the right of construction, the right of way, as well as all procedures for the legal start of construction.

For additional information:, +359 88 400 5578, +359 88 400 5579 and on the spot in the office.