About us

The company "NG Technology" Ltd. has the main subject of activity:

Production, delivery and installation of complete transformer posts and electrical panels; equipment / re-equipment of substations and substations; electrical construction of medium and low voltage cable power supplies; research, design, coordination of projects / detailed development plans with all necessary authorities for issuing construction permits; implementation of all procedures for the legal start of construction; complete commissioning of the built electrical facilities; maintenance of electrical equipment; emergency repairs; electrical measurements and energy management; sale of electrical equipment.

"NG Technologies" is registered in the Central professional register of the builder I. Third group: constructions of the energy infrastructure, 3.2 constructions of the second and third category.

It has the necessary insurances: "Professional liability of the participants in the design" and "Professional liability of the participants in the construction".

The company is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The organization has an implemented and improved quality management system, according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We have an equipped production and office base, as well as the necessary qualified personnel.

For additional information:

office@ngtechnology.org, +359 88 400 5578, +359 88 400 5579 and on site at the office.

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